Ours Students Are Likely Not Going to Be Truck Drivers, But…

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times reminds us that large scale disruptions will continue to hit the job market in the “nearer” (soon to be near) future. It is expected that automation will quickly start to replace lower-skilled workers.  

As the article points out “ ‘Automation tends to replace low-wage jobs with high-wage jobs,’ said James Bessen, a lecturer at the Boston University School of Law who researches the effect of innovation on labor. ”

Another article from Success Magazine, asks if we will all be freelancers one day. Are we helping out students prepare for this? Should we be teaching them about the power of branding yourself?

While our students are being groomed for universities around the world, we must ask ourselves if we are preparing them for an uncertain future where they will likely be in charge, at some point, in creating their own jobs. Many, possibly the majority, will not be able to rely on a corporation to provide them long term employment. Does our education system account for that future? Do we help students to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset needed to chart their own path?  

Doris Korda, from the Hawken School runs an entrepreneurial studies program, and has some great insights. See the featured speaker section below to see where to hear more from her.

dorisFeatured School and Speaker:  Doris Korda of The Hawken School

I really enjoy speaking to people about the changes and shifts taking place in education today.  There are a host of early adopters out there trying and succeeding at bringing contemporary learning ideas more suitable for today’s world.

Doris Korda is one of them.

Doris is the associate head at Hawken School in Ohio, USA. She leads the Hawken Entrepreneurial Studies program designed to change how students think, solve problems  and learn.

After a quick overview, we start out talking a lot about a tea shop and how it becomes a teachable and scaffolding moment for students. It makes more sense once you hear about it.

Doris also shares her incredible outreach efforts as she continues to share and spread how to develop entrepreneurial studies in any school.

Doris is a featured speaker at the Global Education Leadership Summit in Bangkok this coming April.  For more information, head to the summit website: GELS.Asia


Prior to her 20 years as an educator, Doris spent 15 years in the software industry building out products and businesses from raw technology. Doris left business to become an educator, and is currently number two at Hawken School, where Doris designed and directs Hawken’s Entrepreneurial Studies program


Listen to Doris on 21clradio.com

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