Overview Schedule

15 March – Pre Conference

08:30 – 09:00Registration for Pre Conference Workshop
09:00 – 16:00Pre Conference Workshop with Dr. Andy Hargreaves

16 & 17 March – Main Conference

09:00Conference Opening
09:15Welcome Address & Icebreaker
09:25Opening Keynote: Dr. Andy Hargreaves
10:10Coffee Break
10:40Mini Keynote Session: Featured Schools
11:25Transition Time
11:40Breakout Workshop A
13:40Panel Discussion: ‘Avoid The same Mistakes We Made’
14:40Transition Time
14:55Breakout Workshop B
15:55Coffee Break
16:15Breakout Workshop C
17:15Conference Reception
08:30Mini Keynote: Featured Schools
09:15Transition Time
09:25Breakout Workshop D
10:25Transition Time
10:40Panel Session: ‘The Lone Nuts: Radical Departures from Existing Practices’
11:30Lunch at Sala Rim Naam (across the River)
13:15Breakout Workshop E
14:15Transition Time
14:30Breakout Workshop F
15:30Coffee Break
15:50Breakout Workshop G
16:50Transition Time
17:00Closing Keynote
17:30Conference Ends

Note: Conference schedule subject to changes