This workshop examines the social side of school improvement focusing on how schools and school systems can work to build social capital among their staff. Based on his recent research, James Spillane examines how school systems design educational infrastructures to shape how teachers and school leaders interact about teaching and learning.  

He shows that these interactions are important to building social capital in schools and that this social capital in turn contributes to the development of new knowledge about teaching and learning that is essential for improving instruction.  

The workshop will examine:

a) The components of educational infrastructure and how these components work to influence the development of social capital in schools;
b) The nature of design thinking that is essential for building educational infrastructures;
c) The dilemmas involved in implementing educational infrastructures that work.

Part 1:  Designing Educational Infrastructure

  • The Importance of Social Capital for School Improvement
  • Defining and Designing Educational Infrastructure
  • Identifying how Core Components of Educational Infrastructure work to build social capital in schools.
  • Examining the mechanisms by which social capital enables knowledge development in schools.
  • Exploring the role of the school’s physical infrastructure in shaping social capital development.   

Part 2: Developing A Design Mindset

  • Examining the essence of a Design Mindset
  • Exploring Elements of the Design Methodology
  • Applying the Design Methodology
  • Avoiding Common pitfalls in Design work.

Part 3:  Engaging the Dilemmas of School Improvement

  • Moving beyond the problems of improvement to engage the dilemmas of improvement.
  • Identifying Core Dilemmas of School Improvement
  • Examining the Challenges of Dilemma Management.  

Key Details

Date: 28 March 2019 (Thursday)

Cost: US$550

Time:  09:00 – 16:00

Venue: The Peninsula, Bangkok

About the Presenter

James (Jim) P. Spillane is the Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Professor in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University where he is a Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, Learning Sciences, and Management & Organizations (by courtesy. He is also a faculty associate at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research and a senior Research Fellow with the Center for Policy Research in Education (CPRE). In recognition of his contribution to educational research, Spillane was elected to the US National Academy of Education in 2013.

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